4 New Postnational solutions: the "iiaom" id, "rcoin" money, "comcom" ownership, and "liquid unions" distribution of resources:

under humanitarian agpl. See the events.

Becoming ungraspable drops movement power: Learning from the power of movement of ungraspable drops to replace state structures by 4 ideas of identity, money, distribution and ownership, which are all based on mobility, mutuality and individuality. It's always the medium among us which forms our normal behavior as one system and changing the medium depends only on us. Here are 4 scalable ideas about the mediums in our living. These ideas, separately or together, work against the constant ability of few tricking the mass to accumulate power endlessly. The ideas can be, gradually and peacefully, growing, parallel to the existing system, in small units combined into bigger ones, to compete in satisfying the people in such systems, by implementing mutuality/equality, where the mobility of the members/individuals evaluate their group/whole to create their power:

  • iiaom id (an Inner Identifier and Outer Mask) -
    • a crypto identity alternative to the governmental ones made as hash of symmetrically encrypted image which is used mutually,
  • Rcoin money (a Coin of Respect) -
    • a limited lifetime, communal and digital money devalued daily, so that the lost value of its owner is distributed equally between the community members,
  • comcomized ownership (An ownership in a Common Company) -
    • unchangeable license (as in open coding) for equal moderated and tradable ownership evaluating the whole assets as in equal shareholding but with some restrictions and
  • liquid-unions distribution of resources (distribution in liquid unions) -
    • where the resources are distributed considering symbols of groups of members, where the symbols are instantly assigned to one of several operators (channels) united in project and financed proportionally to the number of the people represented by the symbols.


latests + namzezam, blog and @namzezam.

We are the will in any form or symbol, we are identifiable as water and from all directions we are coming to you to be with you and become with you the will for social justice!

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