Improving the tor interface to become anonymous also with the giants! Add To Tor - Wishing list

Solving the problem is critical for all the users of such services - an amount of billion users!

Here are another 3 options we wish to be added to the settings from the tor's control panel (but only after settings really shows what is happening ):
  • 1. Based on Tor: Hidden Service Protocol, an id provider (server name?, as anonymox) to provide stable interface with the Giants like google faceook linkedin etc, where {Alice <tor-net> Bob } + {Bob <proxy-provider> Giant}, which means that Alice pass the Giant to Bob and Bob knows his proxy-provider.
    • 1. Alice ask the tor for connector to Giant
    • 2. Bob is listed for that and replay as such connector
    • 3. Alice pass to Bob the Gaint
    • 4. Bob connect to Giant in a non tor proxy way know as stably expectable by Giant.
  • 2. start in click and not in boot (edit /etc/default/tor and set there RUN_DEAMON="no".)
  • 3. otr, Encryption,Authentication,Deniability, Perfect forward secrecy (no digital signatures and no previous conversation is compromised.)
    • 3.1 continuity: in the end of conversion all participants seal the log , the individually hashing it and in the next conversion adding the has to the log . this create a kind of chain log :)

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