Comcomist Ltd - concept statement:

We provide consultancy for grass root organizations on alternative economy/organization/identification/coins. The alternatives are based on equality in groups and individuals' movement between the groups which empower the individuals. contact us. The alternatives are :

Here is an invitation for creating the editor rooms to be rent by liquid union channels for self produced media by/of the migrants in eu where,

  • the ownership is under the comcomized agreement and
  • each of us would share a peer share in comcomist ltd being a consultant for liquid unions.
    • Forecast, trends, risks: 1st 5 years all income is reinvested for creating the market, then only n% or less of income for (n+1)*5 years is not reinvested.
    • Goal: to create consult and connect between liquid unions
    • Risk: sharing the market while providing the same service is not considered a risk, as the goal is of we initiating this market while seeking to get into partnership also with the opponents.

This was once rejected by groeneveld@labo.berl but later is realized. Let's meet!

Wanted Director (entry level, starting in volunteer/internship)

  • comcomist ltd provides consultancy on alternative economy, alternative organization and alternative identification, which are specified on .
  • The alternatives are based on equality in group between which the individuals' movement empower the individuals.
  • Our director, in this point, should be responsible for managing our registration and budget, as we are heading crowdfunding.
  • We are now creating editor rooms to be rent by liquid union channels for self produced media by/of the migrants in eu. This is how We are to make new kind of well produced bottom up media, more you can find in our site

contact us.

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