Lost Of All Holdings When Identity Is Not Unique

I understand and agree to have or use only one comcomist-identity (comcomist-id) in all the systems registering owners and their properties in common companies as such companies are defined by these 6 points. I am ready to loss all holdings I would have in all the registered common company/ies , if and when my identity would be found not mine or not unique. I here declare having no such comcomist-id and not holding any common company. I acknowledge that the comcomist-id has these 5 elements and in the following form and order:

  • A "membership value" number (a positive integer)
  • One "entity-type" letter being one of the four:H for Human, S for Scomcom, D for Dcomcom or I for Icomcom;
  • A "Registrar value" number (a positive integer).

I here ask to get such comcomist-id.

My name
My Address
My Country
My Phone
My Email

By namzezamnamzezam, on 20 Aug 2012 22:18 history Tags:


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