Yes, we are NOT equal, but could we agree to have equal individual power; could we pull equally together as the strings in a trampoline do?

Normally, we are requested to giveaway our individual power for to be equal in the power added together for constituting our collective (the we),

but when agreeing with the ComComIsm there is NO need to giveaway that individual power for being equal in the power of the collective, as the ComComIsm is regulated by one personal agreement for any number of individuals.

…..and dear Activist and/or developer, this could never happened to the movement, if its mailing lists where comcomized!!!

…..and for whom is the knowledge making profit , where FOSS only let Google better suck or could small businesses, while keeping themselves independent, get together bigger enough even for fighting back our big brother?

…..and could we now buy some land for building our community, while still being equal, responsible and free and while doing this with small amounts collected for long period of time?

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