Contact us in HopeIsBack! The exponential increase of movement, of product/services, of money and of information, while blocking people, can only produce higher aggression and more wars. The Postnational Solutions, as the comcomized agreement of equal ownership, the Liquid union model of fair distribution, the Qdolphin browser and the SolidarCoin/Rcoin are all based on the beneficial movement of people between groups in which they have equal power. Contact me, namzezam, see my interviews and you are welcome as you are.!


We all face exponential increase of those movements of anything but human, as we are more and more governed by artificial intelligence and the internet of things, as nations are more controlled by powers bigger than themselves, as any nation is always just an archaic organization of people based on place and discrimination being implemented by protectionism based on origin/language and as in any nation either minorities are suppressed democratically or majorities are suppressed non-democratically.


These postnational solutions are designed to maximize the quality of the service, the level of the product and the profit of the recipients, such that they are bottom-up getting organized in groups, of which members has equal power together with the beneficial option to migrate between those groups.

Here we are creating new economy within the current governing. Economy empowering participation and individuals in groups, while the groups are growing from small to bigger ones. Economy Based on Equal Power within groups and free Movement between such groups. Economy benefiting the many while preventing takeover and other too-big-to-fall issues. Economy limiting the arbitrary representation of the temporal majority dictatorship over minorities and over the excluded ones. Last note, Compared with delegative democracy, this economy is about the choice of the many make about the results versus the processes realizing such results, while both may coexist.
Welcome As You Are! Here you can:

Referendum or election, can turn so far from reflecting the will of the people. Subscribe to realize it, Develop, CroudFund, Donate and/or facebook, @postnationalize, #postnationalize.


"We are the will in any form or symbol and we are identifiable as water. From all directions we are coming to you to be with you and to become with you the will realizing social justice!" Among us, no winner takes all and we reduce the violence in tools and rules of top-down perception of "protection" ending in having "Nothing to lose" until threatening breaking All in an endless cycle.

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