Equally Own Your Mailing List Default

Create a new list for your peers, while being authentic enough to Prevent Transferring Its Whole Ownership, by letting each of the peers becoming Equal Owner of the Mailing List!


Subscribe only if you agree with these 6 points defining equal ownership of peer owners holding their Common Company (ComCom).

  • Who are the {$who}? A Dcomcomized non profit network, each of which ordinary owners is a Scomcomized unit served on one server/service, as the unit's peers are the lists, such as the server servicing the sub domain {$where}.{$who}, while leaving open option to other services on other sub domains on the {$who}.
  • Why to comcomize a mailing list? Learn your lesson from the case of barak obama transferring to the DPCA(The governing body of Democrats Abroad in the Democratic Party) his www.barackobama.com immediately after being elected in 2008, "transferring it" together with its 13 million contacts, "contacts" proven to be so very much qualified activists and hence neutralizing their opposition to his entry to Afghanistan. More..

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