Peer Owners' Home as a Solution for the Gentrification Problem In Berlin

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The concept:

  • The approach here for fighting gentrification is of providing "activists", students and artist with means to communicate home and abroad their activities, while building the brand of the location as an authentic one, where the brand is of "peer owners". Should this raise the value of the housing in the area, it shall be combined with a security net for the current people living there, by making them peer owners in the comcom of which ordinary owners are those creating the authentic brand.
    • Authentic why? Just because they are all groups of peer owners!
    • Peer owners - what's that? members of their organization which are also equal owners (as shareholder) over its assets. (in 6 points , the whole agreement, some structuring )
  • This can help in making the area, being currently industrial and poor, to become more valuable/attractive in some years to come.
    • The objective of this shall be to generate immigration/tourism to this area from other (European, or other) countries and/or other neighborhoods in berlin, by making one of the objects to become an Urban young Life Center of the area.
    • This can be done by making one of the huge inner spaces of the object to be equipped for transmitting live streams + editing room, to be become a close public space (simulating "park culture" but now also for the winter). Its use could be of recording studio, recording assembling ( "real democracy"), performances, workshops etc.
  • Specification: editing room + sound/camera system perfect for natural events such as events, but also for events such as concerts and speeches etc. It should also provide torsion of sound and customs for keeping anonymity.
    • it should provide real time communication with or via other such homes not only via intent (home as hub between which the communication is relativity secure if is used via internet), in this way making the home a station (like tv/news or so station) but also for making those station spots of identification essential for registration of assets belonging to the peers, including issuing their unique cards such as OpenPGP_card, more here and here!

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The objects:

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