Register your organization for becoming comcomized is intiateded by "Common Companies Foundation". Use the following line in your wikidot page for making it yours and becoming the 3rd party to which the organizations are registering:

[[include :comcomist:register-your-organization-for-becoming-comcomized]]

Using the people's info points media, we begin here in estimating this market, by asking for the contact of each organization, the number of its peers and its value. The focus here is of gathering many organizations, each have answered these 5 questions:

  • A) The contact of at least one of the representatives of organization.
  • B) In what type of comcom the organization is organized ( i.e. which of the 3: Scomcom,Dcomcom,Icomcom and how much is the d) ?
  • C) The number of its peer owners which already singed the comcomized contract?
  • D) The entity to be owned:
  • E) The estimated value traded by the peers in the entity to be owned.
A) contact
email address of one the representatives of the organization
B1) ComCom's type:
What kind of comcom, if you are not sure try
B2) how much is the "d" (decentralization property of the organization)
number between 0 to 1, hanrded times "d" equals the percentage of the assets of the organization belonging to all the peers
C) Number of peers
The number of those who signed the comcomized agreement, which defined at, see its summary here
D) the entity to be owned:
E) the estimated value traded by the peers in the entity to be owned:

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