License: agpl
concept: one mem as an id of either a real person or a unique comcomized group per each platform having many org, each per different such group + authentication of each mem per platform and authentication between such platforms for insuring no multiplication of positions per such id. And hence:

  • The id must be authenticated per platform and in between the platforms being "talking" platforms, only as the tree of parent-property/child-owner is proven and as the authentication includes specific agreement that when multiplication of identities per one person or group is suspected then all corresponding holding is suspended and when such suspicion is proved then all holding are removed and returned to the org, as the org is to establish means for such prov.

First product: mailing list: Starting with this in "node" for building its "platform", where me.node.cc === platform.com: e.g:


  • to make registration form for
    • non profit network http://yes-i-am-angry.wikidot.com/npn
    • comcomized ownership as defined in http://is-with.wikidot.com/what-comcom-is-in-6-points , so that d*i=c*n, s is the price of one share, v=s*n is the value held by each member and t =s*i is the total value held by the whole group.
    • accepting the principals for notes of ownership in ownership trading system (acting like a Community_Exchange_System),
      • where each note's value "v" is calculated so that v= v*(1-1/2*c+p/100*c), as 0<=p<=100 (hence v is a restrained value able to be changed only as v-> v*(1+-1/2*c) and "v" is unchanged when p=50 )
      • where "v" is the value of the note reflecting the satisfaction of the member in her/his exit, as "p" is the percentage of the membership satisfaction, but
        • also having a warning about possible pumping up value in the case of selling to group in higher value is repeated; and
      • where for the value "v" the note can be transferred only in a restrained transference being first to group, or on the group's refusal, to another mem and only where the entrance of the new mem is matching to the criteria established by the group.
  • to make table and history for the changes of values of such v,p, n ,c ,d (as i==c*n/d and v=s*n ) per each such org
  • to make id (number of mem, number of platform, number of layer of ownership ,type of comcom)
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