We Are Creating Events In The Form Of Action In Triples

Contact us. We are creating events in the form of Action-in-Triples and we need


producers, directors, writers, streamers, musicians, poets, performance artists, on stage and in street and also ordinary people willing to share their story and/or to act.

  • The events are branded as "inclusive growth without tyranny" and the brand invites to get organized in liquid unions and/or common companies, while trading for coins of respect and/or by cryptographic identities.
  • The branded events are one-time, fixed or moving, optionally simultaneous, digital and/or local, open or closed, and free with donation or fee.
  • Each event in such form of Action-in-Triples combines these three parts of action:
    • Artistic - carried out by musicians, poets, performance artists, on stage and in street;
    • Telling - carried out by ordinary people who share their personal longing for, or experience in, migrating and/or being equal in group ; and
    • Realization - carried out by informing about, counseling, connecting and co-working from registration to regular working groups realizing the brand.

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